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Friday, October 08, 2004
The second Bush - Kerry presidential debate in St. Louis, Washington DC
There they went at it again.

Initial impressions:

Both candidates were on the attack; neither really went on the defensive. Even on topics where both should have been.

Both Bush and Kerry had their good lines; but for undecided voters in the US, I don't think either of their stock phrases worked. If you are a Bush supporter, you thought Bush did very well; if you like Kerry, you thought he came out strongly.

Bush was a lot more comfortable than he was in the first debate - which is not saying much, of course. Kerry did not gointo lengthy arguments, and could talk to questioners by name better than Bush. So nothing much either way in terms of connecting with people, etc.

So far, all indications are that this was a tie; something that is good for Kerry as the (little) momentum is with him. He was the one who looked down and out, he established himself as a worthy candidate in the last debate, this one just kept it going.

The only poll I have seen yet on who won the debate (on ABC news) had Kerry leading 43-41. Talking points memo thought the debate was a draw which is a fair assessment I believe.

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