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Monday, October 25, 2004
I am not your company!!
One of the craziest things about running DWS is that one gets some really hilarious emails using our feedback form.

Today, there is Vijayakumar Dinesh who wants to exchange his TVS Victor bike with a HondaUnicorn. Which is fine, except that he also believes that we are Honda India! He has duly apologise too - totally unnecessary, of course, considering that his mail has led to some mirth on a dry Mumbai Monday morning.

And there are the 10-plus emails we have received, with complaints about Reliance Infocomm. Oh everyone has complaints about Reliance, we have too. However, these ten emails were sent to us thinking we were Reliance!! It seems that some people are so focused on their problems and some way in which they can get through the thick skulls at Reliance that they go to Google, search for Reliance Infocom, hey there's a site, hey theres a feedback button, and kaboom! They have sent us a mail!!

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