Boeing AH-6i helicopter test flight successful, photo

Sunday, October 11, 2009, 20:33 by Aviation Correspondent

The first test flight of the new Boeing AH-6i light helicopter has been successful, says the company.  The test flight of the attack and reconnaissance helicopter took place over Arizona Desert.

Boeing AH 61 test flight photo

Boeing AH 61 test flight photo

The Boeing AH-6i test flight lasted for 36 minutes, and displayed flight characteristics and handling maneuvers.  Boeing said that further to the first test flight, subsequent test flights have taken place.  Prototype work of the new helicopter was started in March 2009.

The test flight of the Boeing AH-6i helicopter comes just seven months after the beginning of the work.

The Boeing AH-6i  helicopter is intended for the international market, and is believed to have the highest payload in its class. Boeing has said that there have been several enquiries. The US Army would be using a different version of the helicopter.

The AH-6i features flexible mission configuration, a digital cockpit, combat-proven design, an integrated and qualified weapons system, and a communications package that enables connectivity with other aircraft and ground stations.

The air frame of the Boeing AH-6i helicopter is combat proven and has been deployed by the special forces, said Al Winn, Boeing vice president of Apache Programs.

Production of the helicopter will be at the Boeing facility in Mesa.

For the helicopter and aviation enthusiasts are among you, we have a photo or two of the new Boeing AH-6i helicopter here.  Enjoy!