Qantas selling oldies for survival

Thursday, April 28, 2011, 19:56 by Aviation Correspondent

Qantas, in an endeavor, to minimize operating costs and enhance cost productiveness. Due to the hike in oil prices that peaked to an enormous $US134/barrel, the airline company decided to offer their fuel thirsty Boeing 737-400s for sale. Qantas earlier this week had hiked fares, cut flight schedules, sacked staff and withdrew the Boeing air-ships.

The company took a last step and announced the selling of 21 of its age old planes that will be replaced by 14 brand new Boeing 737-800 planes. However, the deficit of 7 planes in action promises a reschedule of flight timings and alteration in the ticket rates.

The move to sell out the tired machines has been received well by some unpopular low-cost south-east Asian companies. Also, few of the Indian companies have announced their interests. Along with the 21 Boeing 737-400 flights Qantas is also putting their 2 Boeing 300s on sale. These flights are said to be in a decent condition to be customized to freight carriers.

The arrival of the new and upgraded jumbos sounds good for the quick flyers. They will be entertained thoroughly and ushered well by the popular Qantas service. The new planes would be more spacious and comfortable with exquisite Sky interiors and video screens attached to every seat. The long distance flyers would have to wait till the air service accustom to the changes made.
The company expects that this new step would be its potential riposte to the crackdowns caused by the global fiscal slump. Qantas and another Aussie airliner Jetstar saw a decline in their combined growth rates on domestic market from a standard 14% to a buried deep 8% and a present 7% from a 10% in its international plot. If the company manages to gain $20 million a piece from the sale, it can negotiate the accounts charts and add more value on their simultaneous multi-billion renewal project. The A380 super jumbos, the long waited Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the Boeing 737-800 will lead Qantas in its revived future.

The new planes could enhance the company’s cost productiveness by 5% and hopefully save the company from its falling streaks.

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