Mahindra’s GippsAero GA8 TC 320 Airvan aircraft in India soon

Tuesday, February 22, 2011, 19:50 by Aviation Correspondent

Mahindra to launch multi purpose aircrafts soon

The Mahindra group plans to launch an 8 seater utility airplane, GippsAero GA8 TC 320 Airvan in the local market. The automobile manufacturers are already on the verge of doing this, as they have sought regulatory approvals including certification.

The GippsAero GA8 TC 320 victoriously circumnavigated the globe past year and made its debut at Mumbai last week. The airplane was much appreciated at the Aero India 2011 due to its low maintenance levels and sturdy outfit. The Airvan featured as Mahindra aerospace’s main exhibit at Bangalore before arriving in Mumbai.

Mahindra GippsAero GA8 TC 320 Airvan aircraft

Photo: Mahindra GippsAero GA8 TC 320 Airvan

The GippsAero GA8 TC 320 Airvan is a multi-role airplane that can be adapted to carry passengers or cargo. The debutant has so far found many a roles like humanitarian relief operations, charter, tourism, medevac, aerosports (parajumping), surveillance, freight and training. We do not know if the aircraft would get Mahindra branding in India.

Mahindra GippsAero GA8 TC 320 Airvan aircraft

Mahindra GippsAero GA8 TC 320 Airvan aircraft

Airvan was the first Australian designed and manufactured plane to fly around the globe, raising funds for malaria awareness.  Australian pilots, Ken Evers and Tim Pryse who took off from Bendigo Australia on May 8, 2010, flew over many malaria spread countries, before landing at Bendigo on July 8, 2010. During the journey the Airvan stopped at Arizona, USA, where its landing met with the inauguration of Mahindra Engineering Services’ brand new office. It also landed at Bangalore-India’s aviation hub.

The aircraft has a firm metallic construction and Lycoming engines coming in a normal breathing or turbocharged variants. There already plenty of proud owners of the Airvan in Australia and neighboring New Zealand.

Mahindra established in 1945 is India’s mass mover, making SUVs, cars, boats, trucks, two wheelers etc, so the reputation and experience will surely help Mahindra Aerospace in the quest for launching the Airvan. Mahindra Aerospace was formed in December 2009 after the automakers acquired two major Australian aviation companies, Aerostaff Australia and GippsAero Pty Ltd.

The company has an ambitious plan of launching a range of small segment aircraft such as a 5-seater, 8-seater, 10-seater and an 18-seater in the country. The Airvan can prove to be quite a handful in India considering its ability to take off and land on small strips. So with the GA8 TC 320 Airvan up its sleeves, Mahindra is now all set to rule the skies.

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