Kingfisher Airlines on Twitter

Tuesday, April 28, 2009, 12:37 by Aviation Correspondent

Kingfisher Airlines is on Twitter. Kingfisher Airlines, promoted by Vijay Mallya’s UB group, has launched its Twitter account on popular microblogging site Twitter. Customers of Kingfisher Airlines can access Kingfisher Airlines on Twitter by logging on to Twitter and becoming a follower of Flykingfisher.

Kingfisher is the first Indian airline to have a formal presence on Twitter.
Kingfisher Airlines believes that using Twitter will help it become closer to its tech-savvy customers. Kingfisher passengers can get news updates about flight reschedules, airport disruptions, cancellations, new flight launches, new programs, routes and fares by following Flykingfisher on Twitter.

Kingfisher is the latest private company in India taking to new media like social networking to keep clients hooked. Despite its efficiency and ease of use in communicating instant messages to a selected bunch of subscribers called followers, Twitter’s efficiency as a corporate marketing tool has not been proven yet.

Twitter uses 140-word messages called Tweets, for instant broadcast. Initially, they were used as a convenient tool to keep friends, relatives and family updated. Later, they have also been adopted by the corporate world as a cheap and efficient way to connect with their customers, suppliers an shareholders.

Said Kingfisher Airlines Vice President-Marketing Vikram Malhotra: “Twitter has significant potential to reach massive number of people quickly and easily and with minimal effort on their part. With the launch of the FlyKingfisher on Twitter, we hope to start a dialogue and actively participate in conversations with our stakeholders in a setting where people are connected without intermediaries through their interests and relationships.

For the new media evangelists at Kingfisher Airlines, this is just the first step forward in our social media engagement plan and as we continue to celebrate the shift of power to the consumer, we expect this service to evolve into an interactive marketing tool.  At Kingfisher Airlines, everything centres around our guests and our philosophy has been to wow and delight our guests with a bundle of seemingly small things which bring on that smile and bring back the style into flying.”

To check Kingfisher tweets on Twitter, go to For those logging in from a mobile phone, visit You need to “follow” (subscribe to) Flykingfisher to start receiving updates.
Some corporates which have moved to the Twitter platform for instant-connect with their customers have had a sour experience, when they were accused of violating some SEC guidelines by releasing information on Twitter first, instead of informing stock exchanges first, issuing press releases etc.