JetLink Express flights to Mwanza, Nairobi and Kisumu

Thursday, November 25, 2010, 20:22 by Aviation Correspondent

New JetLink Express flights have been inaugurated by the Prime Minister of Kenya and the flights are being offered three times a week between Mwanza, Nairobi and Kisumu.

The Minister called upon East African countries work together to strengthen the open East African Common Market by focusing on industrialization.

He said that it would be good to see a United East African market where people work together in creating new industries whose products could be sold within the same market.

The new flights will serve to link Kenya and Tanzania and would also serve to consolidate trade and promote the tourism industry of both regions.

Mwanza holds innumerable unexplored tourism possibilities said the Minister, and flights to this region would definitely work to the advantage of the tourism industry there. Tanzania and Kenya have a history on collaborations – in developing railways, airways and seaways. However, a lot of the trade that is currently going on between the two nations is currently illegal, and the Minister took the occasion to point out that this sort of trade did not serve the interests of the community, but would rather work to destroy the economy of the nations.

JetLink will use a 5y-JL1 Jet flight that can seat 52 passengers to operate the new flights. It is expected that the frequency of the flights will rise within a few weeks of launching operations to becoming daily flights. The air links will serve to open up more business opportunities between the public of the two countries and also enable an intermingling and exchange of culture, said the Kenyan Ambassador to Tanzania.

JetLink Express is a regional airline with its headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya. The carrier offers scheduled flights to several regional destinations including Juba