Indian carriers betting high this summer

Thursday, April 28, 2011, 19:52 by Aviation Correspondent

During the summer this year, Indian carriers are adding more flights since 2007 despite the sky-high aviation fuel prices. The Indian domestic aviation market grew 18% last year and has grown at an even faster pace during the last three months. All these statistics prompt the airlines to add more flights during the season ahead in spite of the flaming fuel prices.

From March end to October, weekly flights will increase by 14%, with 12,700 flights per week during the summer.

The market uprising is a turn of fortunes since the downfall in 2008. The served cities in India will continue to be at 83.

A LiveMint report said Air India is increasing its regional flights from 320 to 348-350, with new flights to Kulu and extra flights to Hyderabad, Imphal, Bangalore and Dehradun. The national carrier also would be launching the debut flights from Delhi to Melbourne and from Chennai to Paris, frequency increases to London and Toronto is also expected.

SpiceJet proposes to add 11 more flights (five Boeing 737s and six short-haul Q400s) to its fleet of 25 through October. From May, the airlines scheduled daily services would rise to 204 up from 167 since last winter. The Q400s are not counted in the above schedules, each one could do nine domestic trips per day.

Jet Airways, meanwhile has opted to connect more destinations in central and northern India to provide same day connections to Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai and Kolkata. The company also plans to develop Hyderabad into a mini-hub with the introduction of 15 new flights from 27 March, linking Bhubaneswar, Vijayawada, Jaipur and Nagpur.

India’s largest budget carrier IndiGo plans to add seven flights to its fleet of 38, till October, raising its total of daily flights from 247 to 272 during the summer. A further bunch of international flights will be launched in August.

Industry analysts and experts say that numerous US and European airlines have cut services to Japan. In Japan air passenger traffic is only in one direction (outbound), only rescue crew is flying into the country. Recovery in Japan would take at least a year, till then most airlines would be bidding adieu to the Land of the rising Sun.

Fuel expenses account for airlines’ 50-60% total expense up from 30-40% since a swell in December.

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