Frontier Airlines shrinking services

Thursday, April 7, 2011, 20:09 by Aviation Correspondent

Frontier Airlines has announced that they would be cutting down services because of the doubts looming over fuel prices which are already astronomical.

Frontier predicted a growth of 1.5% to 2.5% for the Q2 2011. The company believes that its capacity will be at par with what it was in Q2 2010.

The company understated that although their booking numbers and operating revenue were higher than last year, the company is still not adding much to the summer schedule. The company spokeswoman told that the flight reductions were minimal and negligible, mostly on less peak traffic days and once in a week. She added that the carrier is looking to ground almost 15 flights, including two from Denver. The cut-off routes were accordingly chosen based on last year’s performance and the current fuel prices.
From May Frontier will cease the 7 a.m. flight from Denver to San Diego and the 9 a.m. return flight from San Diego. All other flights between the two cities will remain operational.

The carrier will also terminate flights on Tuesdays and Fridays from Denver to San Jose, Costa Rica from May 1st to June 7th. Frontier will continue to have flights on this route for the rest of the week.

Frontier’s RPM (Revenue Passenger Miles) for the year 2010 was 1.70 billion and rose +3% in 2011 at 1.75 billion. While the carrier’s ASM (Available Seat Miles) for 2011 was 2.32 billion down by -3% from last year’s 2.4 billion. The block hours (The time period from when an aircraft leaves the gate to its arrival to the destination gate) in 2010 was 62 K while in 2011 it was 57 K. The Load Factor for 2010 was 71% while in 2011 it comes up to 76% (5pp). In 2010 Frontier carried 1.95 billion passengers and in 2011 it rose 2% to 1.98 billion.
Frontier Airlines, Inc. is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States, with a major secondary headquarters in Denver, Colorado. The carrier is a subsidiary and operating brand of Republic Airways Holdings and maintains hubs at Denver, Milwaukee’s General Mitchell International Airport, and Kansas City International Airport with a focus city at Omaha’s Eppley Airfield.

Frontier flies to 71 destinations throughout Costa Rica, Mexico, and the United States with a fleet of 66 aircrafts. Frontier also serves destinations via its sister airline, Midwest Airlines and its regional brand Midwest Connect.

Frontier Airlines is celebrating its 17th year in service and has more than 5,500 employees. The carrier deploys over 550 flights daily from its various hubs in the US.

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