ASKY airline first flight in April 2009

Tuesday, January 20, 2009, 14:08 by Aviation Correspondent

ASKY, West Africa’s new airline, based in Togo, Lome, will start operations in April 2009.
Ethiopian Airlines has 25% stake in ASKY. The management team of ASKY will be formed by Ethiopian Airlines executives. Ethiopian Airlines will deliver long haul flights to ASKY, if new aircraft is not delivered by the time of the launch.

Ethiopian Airlines Chief Executive Officer Girma Wake has been quoted as saying, “We expect to make the maiden flight by April when we expect the first set of aircraft would have arrived, if not, we will even use Ethiopian Airlines aircraft to launch the new airline.”

He also said that Ethiopian Airlines would shift its main aviation hub in the region to Lome, before the launch of ASKY. This would enable Ethiopian Airlines to connect regional routes to Lome, from where ASKY will be able to connect passengers to other countries.

As per the contract signed between ASKY and Ethiopian Airlines, the Ethiopian Airlnes will facilitiate the launch of the ASKY airline, and manage ASKY.

It will hire staff and train new staff for all ASKY services.

In June 2008, Ethiopian Airlines and ASKY has signed an MoU, under which Ethiopian would have 20% stake in ASKY’s share capital, and Ethiopian Airlines would get the opportunity to build a hub West Africa, to connect regional routes to the rest of the world.

As of now, Ethiopian Airlines connects 50 destinations across the world, 30 of which are in Africa.

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