American Airlines heads for Delhi

Thursday, April 28, 2011, 19:56 by Aviation Correspondent

American Airlines is exploring new possibilities in a bid to add to its presence in the sub-continent. The Airlines that connects more than 250 cities in 50 countries, earlier had a very meager access to India. The 900 flights that make up their colossal fleet have undergone sufficient re-timings. The daily single stop flight from Chicago to Delhi now reaches the Indira Gandhi International terminal at 5.45 p.m (IST). The new timing of the aircraft saves an extended three-and-a-half-hour of journey in flight. The long tiring flights earlier took a lethargic fourteen-and-a-half-hour.
More than the idea of gratifying the long voyaging passengers the idea adds-on a multiple number of gains to the company’s economic as well as social outlook. Adhering to the last fixture the company had to face few issues that barricaded them from procuring connection flights. It is a known fact that the previous arrival time of the American Airlines flights did not allow convenient same-day connections beyond the capital city of Delhi.
The latest time schedule promisingly opens up a new vista to the Airline Company. What the new arrival time of the Chicago flight does is, it connects and associates the metro cities and the other major cities of the sub-continent. The company states that they are delighted to connect destinations like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore. This venture opens up more than twenty unrestricted same day connection flights for passengers flying beyond Delhi and also to use the facilities provided at the Kingfisher Lounge.
American Airlines is fortunate that the rescheduling took place in this time of the year as they now get to depart from Terminal three of the Indira Gandhi airport. The added boon is the usage of the terminal three for international as well as domestic flights at the Indira Gandhi Airport, hence opening markets in the national and international realms at the same time.
The company has announced no time change in the departure of the AA292, Chicago flight to Delhi. The flight will depart from Chicago Airport at 4:35 p.m daily (Except Mondays between May 1 to Sept 26, 2011) to reach Delhi by 5:45 p.m the next day. AA293 from Delhi departs at 12:30 a.m daily (Except Wednesday between May 3 and September, 2011) to reach Chicago by 5:20 a.m the next day.
Meanwhile, American Airlines on its course to be the most popular and loved International Airways has taken a new venture in its hand. The Company will launch the “Mobile Million Sweepstakes for Android”. The sweepstakes will reward one grand prize to one customer with one million’ American Airlines AAdvantage miles’ in addition to one ‘Barnes & noble NOOK color’ every day for thirty days.

All that the customer should do to participate in the contest is to download and launch the android application on their Android device. A video will be shown and the registrations will pop-up. The customers who already have the application just need to update to register. An alternate online entry is open for non-Android users. American Airlines realizing the prominent role played by portable mobile devices in enhancing flight experience has succeeded in putting the right to information directly into the hand’s of the customers.

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