AirTran Airways expands its mobile Web services

Wednesday, October 21, 2009, 8:32 by Jose Philip

AirTran Airways, the low-cost airline based in Orlando, Florida, the United States, has announced that it has expanded its mobile Web services in order to help the passengers manage their travel.

The enlarged mobile internet services let the passengers book their flights and change/cancel their travel plans by using their mobile devices, AirTran Airways, a subsidiary of AirTran Holdings Incorporated, said in a statement.

The new options add to the existing mobile Web services that AirTran Airways offers its customers by which they can use their mobile devices to get information on check-in for flights and flight status.

The passengers, according to AirTran Airways, already depend on their handheld devices for better convenience. The expanded application enables the passengers to make their travel plans “at the touch of a button,” the airline added.

The entire fleet of AirTran Airways is equipped with Wi-Fi, thereby making it possible for the passengers to use mobile device on board flights.

In the statement, Tad Hutcheson, vice-president (marketing and sales) of AirTran Airways, said the enhanced facility has been provided as a part of the airline’s efforts to provide its customers with more comfortable access to its website and other services. With the expanded application of the mobile internet services, passengers on AirTran Airways can now make their travel plans “at the touch of a button.”

Since the company’s entire fleet is now equipped with Wi-Fi, thus enabling the passengers to use the internet service at an altitude of 30,000 feet, Hutcheson explained.

The statement from AirTran Airways said that BlackBerries and other handheld gadgets of the older models will receive a “scaled-down” mobile version of the airline’s website when they are connected to it. That abridged version – which will have less number of pictures and no animation – lets the passengers check information on flights, but not book/rearrange flights.

The airline said that it has now enhanced the “functionality” of its mobile website, by which passengers can book tickets even if they are using older-generation handheld devices. Even since AirTran Airways introduced the mobile internet services, booking could be done using new-model smart phones, BlackBerries and such other mobile contraptions.

AirTran Airways, a Fortune 1000 company, has been ranked the number one low-fare airline in the Airline Quality Rating study for the last 2 years. The company – which claims that it is the only major airline fitted with the Wi-Fi facility on all flights – operates coast-to-coast service using an all-Boeing fleet.

The offerings of AirTran Airways also include business-class, assigned seating, as well as complimentary XM Satellite Radio on each flight.

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