Air Asia flies 100 millionth customer

Saturday, October 23, 2010, 18:41 by Aviation Correspondent

Air Asia – the world’s best low cost airline, has just crossed a milestone. They have just flown their 100 millionth passenger.

In the eight and a half years since the airline has been in operation, the airline has grown from having 2 airplanes and 200 employees to becoming a global brand that boasts of connecting 22 countries through a 139 routes across the Asian regions of China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, India, Europe and Australia.

The lucky 100 millionth customer – Irma Devi- is a young Indonesian housewife, who won 100 free seats on Air Asia. She can now travel throughout the airline’s extensive network for a period of two years. Her winning flight was reportedly her fifth Air Asia flight, which she booked to travel from Jakarta to Kuala Lampur and onward to Trichy, India.

The airline has also played a key role in the low-cost aviation history of the world by being one of the first to offer and implement incredibly low fares in the ASEAN region. Operating on the concept that anyone should be able to fly, the airline gave wings to the dreams of flying that many people from the region had, who were in the middle class strata and could not afford exorbitant flight rates.

Starting off as a Malaysian brand, the airline is today the winner of the ‘World’s Best Low Cost carrier’ award two years successively. At this remarkable success point, the airline has once again promised to continue offering their special combination of lowest price, and unlimited support from the dynamic, committed Air Asia staff.

The airline has been coming out with several campaigns to connect better with their passengers. One example is ‘Real People, Real Stories’ which fliers share their stories, pictures, videos through various social media, focusing on how the airline has been a factor of change in their lives.

On another front, the airline has also established local divisions of itself – such as Thai Air Asia in 2003, Indonesia Air Asia in 2004 and Air Asia X in 2007, which was the first long haul low cost carrier. The airline’s website hits are among the highest ranking globally – with approximately 35 million unique visits every month.

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