Toyota IQ microcar Geneva Photo

Toyota iQ microcar, Urban Cruiser to debut at Geneva Motor Show

18 February, 2008


Toyota plans to showcase its microcar, iQ, at the Geneva Motor Show.

Auto industry reports say that Toyota is on a quest to discover the new generation of small cars designed to address the demands of modern day driving. The Toyota iQ was first shown as a concept car at the Frankfurt Motor Show in 2007. The concept has been translated into a market-ready design and production is expected to begin by the end of 2008.

The iQ is just below 10 feet in length, but it's about as wide and can carry four people. The iQ's design has rich Japanese design elements. The Toyota iQ promises safer drives and a cleaner environment too.

Toyota Urban Cruiser photo

Technical reports have not yet been out, and nobody has any clue about engine details. Some reports say it could be a one-liter engine. With whatever basic details currently, it has already been okayed by enthusiasts who believe that the iQ could be the most significant small car since the original Smart City Coupe made in 1997.

Meanwhile, even as pages are being written on the merits of iQ, Toyota has also lined up another beauty for the Geneva show. The car maker's Urban Cruiser is said to be extending its sports utility vehicle range into the small car segment with its new Urban Cruiser.

Described as an environmentally responsible SUV, the new Urban Cruiser is aimed at the market for urban all-road vehicles and meeting motorists' priorities for low fuel consumption and emissions.


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Toyota iQ microcar, Urban Cruiser to debut at Geneva Motor Show

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