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Porsche Panamera photo gallery

Porsche Panamera in 2009

A four door, four seater sedan from Porsche - its true. The Panamera just what the market is waiting for, a purist's nightmare?

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For a while, there have been rumours flying around about a new secret four-door Porsche. They have now been confirmed.

Porsche Panamera for India in 2009

The name is Panamera, Porsche Panamera. The international car of mystery will be a combination of a coupe and sedan. A concept version of the Panamera will be exhibite dby Porsche at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2005.

There is still some confusion about the exact launch new Porsche - some say it will be 2008 end, others say 2009. Probably, even Porsche doesn't know for sure.

The Panamera will have space for four adults, and four doors. The car is supposed to be a successor to the Porsche 928.

The rationale for this car that will disappoint many Porsche purists? Well, Porsche has nothing to offer to the market that loves it, but needs four doors and space for four adults. BMW, Mercedes Benz and Maserati are the manufacturers catering to that market, and the Porsche can surely make a dent there. The company's association with Volkswagen too will come in handy.

There are rumours that the Panamera will use the Volkswagen Phaeton platform. 

Powering the Porsche Panamera four door sedan-coupe will be the same engines that are currenly available on the Cayenne, the Porsche SUV. Which means 4500 cc (4.5 litre), 340 bhp and a 450 bhp turbo version.

We do not have any more photos for a proper photo gallery right now - but trust us, the moment we get hold of some photos, you will have a full-fledged photo gallery of the Porsche Panamera here. Visit us again later!


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