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Peugeot concept car 20Cup photo gallery - Frankfurt Motor Show and Peugeot 20Cup images

Peugeot 20Cup 3 wheeler car concept -Frankfurt Motor Show 2005 photo gallery

Unkind descriptions as a cross between a motorcycle and a Peugeot car notwithshanding, this is an exciting conept three wheel car, which will be shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2005. We bring a preview and photo gallery of the Peugeot 20Cup.

How does the Peugeot 20Cup run? It is powered by an inline four engine jointly developed by Peugeot and BMW. Steering is managed by the fat rear wheel. The 20Cup car -bike will definitely not make it into production. That way, this concept car from Peugeot is more of a technology demonstration.


Peugeot 20Cup, 407 and 907 GT will be showcased at Frankfurt.

Peugeot 407

Peugeot 407

Peugeot 907 GT coupe

Frankfurt Motor Show 2005 photo gallery

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