Mitsubishi iCity is a hit in Britain

26 November, 2007


Mitsubishi's iCity, which had been launched in UK in July 2007, is a run-away success.

According to an Auto News report, the iCity is selling like hot cakes. Figures substantiating this say that the first batch of 300 units were sold out within two and a half weeks. Further, over 50 per cent of the second batch found buyers even before the vehicles hit British soil. Over 1,500 units are already planned for sale in 2008, with more available if sales continue to be strong.

What is even more strange is that most of the iCity buyers, 83 per cent to be precise, had never owned a Mistubishi model earlier. This means that the iCity Car is a hit with even first time Mitsubishi clientele.

A survey conducted by the car maker threw up interesting findings. A study on the principal factors influencing the purchase decision showed that the vehicle’s compact size was the most important factor, with price and high specification coming only second. The styling of the car has also won it points.

It has been found that British buyers of the car were predominantly town and city dwellers, and accounted for 76 per cent of the iCity buyers.

Mitsubishi, elated by the success rate of its new model is now overjoyed due to the added public attention on its credentials. The company believes that they can successfully operate in multiple industry segments. The iCity, for example, is a precursor of Mitsubishi’s environmental range of clean diesel vehicles and even the amazing zero-emission electric iCar expected to be launched by 2009.

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