China’s first self-produced hybrid-power sedan Jiexun-HEV launched

18 December, 2007


Chang'an Automobile has rolled out the Jiexun-HEV, China's first self-produced hybrid-power sedan.

Just out of the Chang'an Automobile plant in Chongqing, the beauty is all set to be showcased at retailers’ showrooms.

According to a report, the new Jiexun-HEV sedan has been developed using China's self-owned intellectual property rights in terms of the engine, hybrid power system and the car as a whole. It added that Jiexun-HEV is the result of China’s mastering of core technologies in hybrid-power system.

Chang'an Automobile has said that the hybrid technology used in the Jiexun-HEV was a major component of the electrified automobile program in the country’s high-tech plan, also called the 863-Plan. With a development period of six years, the car had finally become a mass-produced model with internationally-advanced technologies, a related report pointed out.

Jiexun-HEV runs on a fuel-battery hybrid technology, thereby cutting down fuel consumption by more than 20 per cent compared with traditional cars. With emission levels meeting China’s standard IV norms, the Jiexun-HEV is expected to put an end to the import of hybrid vehicles into China.

It is a known fact that the Chinese market is full of hybrid cars, mostly imported. However, the auto industry in the communist nation as well as the customer community have never been satisfied with the performance of the cars imported. Moreover, prices were on the higher side too.

The arrival of Jiexun-HEV may be seen as a welcome sign by the auto enthusiasts in the country. The price of the new sedan is also expected to be very much lower than its imported peers. It is meanwhile also being rumoured that ten Jiexun-HEVs would be donated to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games to be held in August 2008.

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China’s first hybrid-power sedan Jiexun-HEV launched


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