Chrysler global midsize car development team set up

21 January, 2008


Chrysler has put together a new product development team for its global midsize car.

Chrysler will also set up regional product development centers as part of its effort to expand overseas sales. The new development follows the realignment of Chrysler's product development department. The company will now have five teams of designers, engineers and marketers devoted to Jeep products, Dodge trucks, Chrysler cars and minivans, street racing, and global midsize cars. This is a change from the days when it had only three teams, one for all vehicles on truck frames, one for rear-wheel-drive vehicles, and one for minivans and midsize and small cars.

With the global midsize car in mind, the new innovative approach aims at bringing out the best from the team. The automobile maker has also lined up mega plans to set up overseas product planning centers aimed at bringing together design, engineering and parts sourcing. A report pointed out that the company might zero in on Toluca in Mexico as well as Beijing and Shanghai in China. Chrysler already has an assembly plant at Toluca.

Chrysler also plans to use more common components and expand its engineering centers in China, India, Eastern Europe, and Mexico as part of the realignment. The company has lined up plans to push dropping sales and has recently entered into a formal deal with Nissan Motor. As per the deal, Nissan will supply small cars for Chrysler to sell in South America. It has also been rumored that Chrysler is talking to Chinese car maker Chery Automobile to jointly produce and export small cars to Western Europe and the United States.


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