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New BMW Group DesignworksUSA studio in Singapore


25 August , 2005: Anticipating the region's future influence on design, BMW Group DesignworksUSA, the California-based strategic design consultancy will open a studio in Asia's rapidly expanding market early next year. The plans were announced by Dr. Helmut Panke, Chairman of the Board of Management of BMW AG, DesignworksUSA's parent company, as he traveled to Singapore for meetings with Singapore's Prime Minister, Mr Lee Hsien Loong.

Scheduled to open in January, 2006, the new branch studio will be centrally located in Singapore, housed in BMW Asia offices at Keppel Bay Towers. The latter offers panoramic views of Sentosa, Singapore's resort isle.

"The new Asian studio will complement our international network," says Verena Kloos, president of DesignworksUSA, "Being an active part of this pulsating culture enables us to broaden our competencies and strengthen DesignworksUSA's global design leadership."

An emerging center for design, especially in the areas of architecture, interior design, and environmental design, Singapore is strategically located in South East Asia, and embraces diverse cultures. In addition to an excellent infrastructure, it offers a highly design-proactive environment supported by the Singapore Government.

With more than fifty percent of the world's population in Asia, the tremendous growth of Asian markets is expected to heavily influence future global markets. DesignworksUSA's presence in this burgeoning region will provide an opportunity to a holistic approach and to develop a base of knowledge upon which the California-based global design consultancy and its parent company, BMW Group, can draw.

"By tapping into Asia's emergent markets, DesignworksUSA gains a deeper understanding of Asian consumer behaviours and offers a global perspective to its clients in Asia, while incorporating the Asian characteristics in projects for its U.S. and European clients. In addition, Asian clients will profit from a seamless design approach and engineering support around the clock," continues Ms Kloos.

The Singapore studio will also allow DesignworksUSA to showcase its design excellence and unique cross-pollination approach to Asian markets. Focusing on the areas of Information Technology, Industry & Travel, Objects & Space, Life & Leisure, and Home & Office, provides DesignworksUSA with abundant opportunities for cross fertilization of concepts and the transfer of knowledge.

Initially, DesignworksUSA will staff its Singapore offices with experienced international designers. At the same time, it will begin developing its staff, training personnel locally, as well as at DesignworksUSA's headquarters in the United States and at its branch office in Europe. The consultancy will also work with local design institutions to identify talent for training internships, which will also help to broaden DesignworksUSA's global network of diverse designers with Asian talents.

Welcoming DesignworksUSA's decision to site its Asian office in Singapore, the Permanent Secretary at Singapore's Ministry of Information, Communications and the Arts, which oversees the development of the country's creative industries, Dr Tan Chin Nam said, "DesignworksUSA will immediately bring to Singapore the company's experience and international network, enhancing Singapore's cosmopolitan vibrancy and creating buzz in the local design scene. "The company's plans to train and develop local designers will also strengthen the capability and enrich the quality of Singapore's creative talent pool."

BMW Group and DesignworksUSA are already involved in the cultural development of the region. Last year, Mr Chris Bangle, Director of BMW Group Design, and Member of the Board of Directors of DesignworksUSA, was appointed by the Singapore Government to an International Advisory Panel (IAP) for DesignSingapore. In this capacity, Mr. Bangle is expected to advise on how Singapore can develop its design industries.

BMW Group DesignworksUSA is a premier international design consultancy headquartered in Newbury Park, California with a branch office in Munich, Germany. Founded in 1972 by designer Charles Pelly, the company was acquired by the BMW Group in 1995.

DesignworksUSA has the experience and resources to successfully develop design solutions for partners in almost any industry. With a deep understanding of future context, the DesignworksUSA studios bring the highest level of design competence to a broad but select range of premium products including cars, sports equipment, motorcycles, lifestyle products, trains, fashion, airplanes and high-technology devices.

While the BMW Group represents the design consultancy's biggest client, prestigious names like BenQ, Nokia, Adidas, Motorola, Microsoft, Hewlett- Packard, Heidelberg, Kyocera, Star-Trac, Trico Sports, Sachs, Gulfstream, Hayworth, Razor, Scott USA, Villeroy & Boch, Viking, Waterpik, Wired, John Deere, Paccar, Allergan, Siemens and many others have profited from DesignworksUSA's unique know-how.

The firm's unique approach guarantees the highest level of creativity based on more than 30 years of experience in this diverse field of design application paired with DesignworksUSA's high demand in process quality. The consultancy's multinational teams translate consumer brand attitudes into strategic design visions and product concepts. Designs to be developed will also draw from DesignworksUSA's work for technology programs reaching 5 - 20 years into the future. Its website is .



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