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Relax! Don't lose your cool

Have you felt like shouting, screaming and yelling when you were criticised or disappointed? Or have you actually done all of these of late? These are the symptoms that you are stressed out and are venting your anger. Dancewithshadows.com lists some tips to help you control your anger before it starts controlling you. 


All of us get angry. It's one of our natural emotions and there's nothing wrong about it. But how we deal with the situation that made us angry makes a difference.

Anger can be caused mainly due to three reasons: 1) Disappointment 2) Criticism and 3) Pain

Whatever the reason, we will have to learn to control and manage anger because anger is just not going to help us improve the situation. It can only make matters worse. In fact, instead of the outburst, looking within ourselves will solve the problem to a large extent. Think on these terms:

* What is making me angry? 
* Is my anger justified? 
* Am I going wrong somewhere? 
* What are the feelings of the opposite person? 
* Am I expecting too much from the other side? 
* What prompted him/her to react in such a way? 
* What would I have done if I'm on the other side? 
* How can I handle this situation without losing my cool now? 
* What will be the after-effects if I shout now? 
* Am I being made to react for some reason unknown to me?

The last question assumes importance in this modern world where some people just love to see others react negatively to some situations. So beware of such people!

Instead of having an argument, just move away quickly from the place. When your mind is clear, think how you can deal with the situation.

Still don't see enough reason to relax? Then, these time-tested anger management tips might be of help to you:

Tip 1: Count from one to ten. This will give you patience to bear with the situation.

Tip 2: Try to divert your attention. Because thinking about the same incident will only make you all the more weak.

Tip 3: Do what you love to do most. This will give you happiness and peace of mind.

Tip 4: Put on your favourite outfit or a new outfit. This is because dressing up well gives a sense of elation. More so, when your friends
acknowledge it. Believe it or not, many people follow this simple, but useful method.

Tip 5: Think the matter is so silly it doesn't need your precious time pondering over it. Don't waste anymore time thinking about it.

Tip 6: Meditate or visualise a natural scenery like mountain, river or garden. This also gives you peace of mind.

Tip 7: Do workouts, yoga or even take a walk to a near-by park. This will surely relieve the stress that is taking a toll on you.

Tip 8: Take a break from your usual routine and try to do something different. This will again help you in busting the stress.

Tip 9: Last but not the least, forgive and forget. 

One more thing: when you are angry, try to act as if nothing has happened. Put a smile on your face and don't show that you are angry (because nobody can read your mind!) Just face the situation with a cool mind. By following this 'acting' technique, you may actually learn to keep yourself 'cool.'

Once we understand the kinds of situations that spark our anger and practise the anger-controlling techniques skillfully, we can lead a
better and quality life.

As Sri Satya Sai Baba says: "For every minute of anger, you lose 60 seconds of happiness."



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