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Qantas Airways launches new fare structure



14th August 2005:Global carrier Qantas Airways has launched a new streamlined fare structure, under its continuing effort to provide passengers with lower fares, more choice and travel flexibility.

The new fare structure include 'Red Tail', offering lowest fares with certain restrictions, 'Super Saver', a fare structure with flexible conditions and 'Flexi Saver' a mode providing increased choices. The new fare structure is effective August 1, 2005.

With just three fare families, the new structure is user-friendly with an easy to understand range of fares. It offers more choices for passengers to customise their itineraries and provides greater selection and pricing options, a press release from Qantas Airways said.

Qantas Airways Vice President (Marketing &Sales, The Americas) Howard Goldberg said,"we are excited about our fare simplification initiative and are confident that passengers will be pleased when making their future travel plans. Our goal is to provide travellers booking flights on Qantas with increased choices, lower fares and more flexible conditions to streamline and enhance their travel experiences from the moment they make a reservation", he added.

All economy core fares are priced for round-trip travel, and one-way fares are also available with Super Saver and Flexi Saver at 60 per cent of the round-trip fare. These fares are combinable with all other economy fares based on a half round-trip fare, and booking classes can be combined across fare families. Passengers can travel using one fare level on the outbound flight and a different fare level for the return.

Passengers are no longer subject to advance purchase requirements, while the carrier has relaxed ticketing time limits. The carrier has also eliminated all surcharges, it said.Minimum and maximum stays have been adjusted to provide simplified options for customers. Minimum stays have been removed from Super Saver and Flexi Saver fares, and for Red Tail fares, the minimum stay has been reduced to five days. Previous maximum stay restrictions have been eliminated and all fare families now have a one-year maximum stay.

Free stopovers are another benefit of the new fare structure. A certain number of free stopovers are included with each fare family, and depending on the passengers' preference stopovers can be added for a nominal charge based on each fare family's conditions.

Seasonal travel periods have been reduced from four to three to Australia and to New Zealand. According to the new fare structure Low Season would be between May 1-June 8 and July 24-September 21, Shoulder Season between February 1-April 30, June 9-July 23, and September 22-December 8, while the High Season would be between December 9-January 1.Cancellation requirements have been simplified as well. 

On occasion, Qantas may offer periodic fare sales, which would not be included in these three fare families. 



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