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SkyEurope COO to head Wadia's Go Air

Latest: Go Airlines launched

Go Air gets going with top expat honcho 


March 26: Nuslia Wadia's aviation ambitions have taken wings, with the appointment of SkyEurope's Chief Operating Officer Graham WIlliamson as CEO of his upcoming Indian budget airline Go Air.

Mr Graham Williamson, 45, is expected to join Go Air shortly, armed with a vast experience in the no-frills aviation segment.

Mr WIliamson has worked with Kenya Airways, Emirates, First Choice and Air Atlanta. His rich experience at the helm of the Eastern European low-budget carrier SkyEurope is believed to have earned him the lead position in Go Air.“The Indian market is currently under-served and low-cost carriers have great potential,” Mr Williamson said. 

Other low-budget airlines currently eyeing Indian skies include Royal Airways' SpiceJet, Indus Air and Yamuna Air. Whereas Royal Airways (formerly ModiLuft) has announced the launch of their airline, there is no detailed information available so far about the others.

Meanwhile, Vijay Mallya's UB Group is planning to launch Kingfisher Airline, which positioned on the lines of JetBlue, a "premium value carrier". Its tariffs will be somewhere between those of ordinary airlines and budget carriers. Air Deccan still dominates the scene among Indian low-budget airlines.

Watch this space for Go Air launch, tickets, booking, flight schedules and other related news!



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