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Indian Airlines to start e-ticketing



17th August, 2005: Indian Airlines (IA), India’s national carrier, has signed an agreement with a European company to commence e-ticketing on its entire network, covering 57 destinations within the country and 20 abroad.

The e-ticketing would become operational soon and the national carrier expects to join the growing list of airlines globally that have either gone in for this mode or are committed to it. It was estimated that from the beginning of 2004, 80 per cent of carriers had started introducing e-ticketing in the US and Europe.

The airline forecasts huge cost savings from the new system as the printing and distribution costs are likely to plummet along with less labour intensive process of handling tickets.

According to IA, the service would provide a host of benefits to passengers, as they need not worry of ticket losses or theft. Check-in is also likely to become faster as the airline staff would not have to tear off the ticket jacket and new system is likely to lead an easier processing of exchange and refund request by passengers.

IA would also be able to follow passenger movement in real time and know whether a passenger has checked in, boarded or flown. 

In addition to it, the interline agreements that allow the use of the same documents on another airline would also become easier. Indian Airlines has got interline agreements with over 130 international carriers.



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