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Cheap £1 or €1 Ryanair tickets on sale

Ryanair launches 8 new routes Britain



19 July, 2005: Ryanair of UK has unveiled 8 new routes for this Winter’s flight schedule, which includes 2 new destinations with daily flights from London to Krakow in Poland and Toulon in the South of France. Ryanair has also announced four more routes from its Liverpool hub to Carcassonne, Oslo, Riga and Bergerac, besides routes from Newcastle to Oslo and from Glasgow Prestwick to Krakow. Ryanair will be deploying one additional aircraft to facilitate this route expansion. The plane will be based in Liverpool from 27th September, 2005.

Ryanair has also initiated a major tourism drive by inviting tourists to Britain. Ryanair has released three million seats at a price of just £1 or €1 plus taxes. The seats are on sale at the Ryanair website. The one-pound tickets will be for travel during August, September and October of 2005. This cheap ticket sale will be supported by a Pan European £5 million advertising campaign over the next 3 months featuring London and a range of other great British cities.

Ryanair CEO, Michael O’Leary said: “Ryanair decided to bring forward these route launches and this seat sale from September to the middle of July because we believe the best response to last week’s terrorist attacks is for ordinary people to continue to live their lives as normal, and to continue to travel as before. It is more important than ever that the leading players in London and British tourism such as Ryanair make it even more attractive for visitors to come to London this Autumn and show the terrorists that we will not be put off by their atrocities.”

Ryanair said it is delighted to offer its two new routes to London from Krakow in Poland and Toulon in the South of France. Ryanair is particularly happy with the continued expansion of its successful Liverpool base. 

Cheap £1 or €1 Ryanair tckets, 3 million of them have opened this week. They will remain open for booking until midnight on Monday next for travel during the months of August, September and October. However, since seats at these low prices during the peak Summer period are a rarity, we would encourage all visitors to London to snap them up quickly as there will be huge demand for them.”

New routes 

from To Start date

London Stansted Krakow Oct
London Stansted Toulon Oct
Liverpool Oslo Sept
Liverpool Riga Sept
Liverpool Bergerac Feb 06
Liverpool Carcassonne Feb 06
Glasgow Prestwick Krakow Nov
Newcastle Oslo Sept



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Cheap £1 or €1 Ryanair tickets on sale

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