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Cargolux interested in acquiring 10 Boeing 747-ADV F aircraft



20th August, 2005: Luxembourg-based freight carrier Cargolux is planning to acquire Boeing's 10 747 Advance Freighter (B747-ADV F) aircraft, to renew its fleet capacity. The carrier is yet to begin negotiations with the manufacturer.

Cargolux has chosen the 747 Boeing over the Airbusí largest carrier A380 freighter after comparing the two planes against each other, on economic grounds. The comparison was not based on size of the aircraft, the carrier said in statement issued to the press.

The management would begin discussions with Boeing on purchasing a minimum of 10 B747-ADV F, with deliveries to start in 2009. This is slated as one of the first orders for the aircraft.

The carrier, which currently operates a fleet of 13 Boeing 747-400F freighters, hopes to reach a deal with Boeing this year.

Chief Executive Uli Ogiermann said in a statement that Cargolux opted for the new carrier of Boeing after having a thorough analysis and study, during which the priority was given on assessing whether the aircraft was suited to the fleet renewal in the next decade.

The negotiations are being made with Boeing company purely on commercial considerations, supported by the environmental benefits offered by the new B747-ADV F.

The B747-ADV F would likely to be the closest competitor to European rival Airbus's larger flagship A380 super jumbo, which is due to enter into service next year. Boeing said that it could start delivering their carrier in a stretch by 2008.

Airbus has already received commitments for 27 freighter versions of the A380 from customers including FedEx and UPS. The carrier owns part of its existing fleet and leases the rest. The planes will be sold step-by-step as it takes delivery of the new freighters.



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