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Purchase order for 22 Boeing planes



21 July, 2005: Boeing has secured an order from Spain's Air Europa for 18 737-800 airliners, valued at $1.2 billion at list prices. Air Europa first announced its intention to order the airplanes, plus purchase rights for an additional 16, last month at the Paris Air Show.

Central European low-cost carrier SkyEurope Airlines has also finalized the previously announced order for four Boeing Next-Generation 737-700s worth US$220 million at list prices. The order includes purchase rights for up to 16 additional airplanes.

Earlier this year, SkyEurope also placed an order with leasing company GECAS for 12 Boeing Next-Generation 737s. These 16 airplanes, equipped with performance-enhancing Blended Winglets, will be delivered from 2006 onward. 

Boeing will start delivering the 18 planes ordered by Air Europa in 2007. The Spanish airline will enlarge its short-to-medium range fleet with the new planes.

Deliveries for the airplanes for the Slovakian airline SkyEurope will begin in 2006.



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