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Basic facts you need to know about DWS:

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Advertising options:

Now we are talking. We have more advertising options than you have heard of.

Text links: From the right pages, a strategically placed text link to your website works brilliantly. For example, lets, say, The page on the Honda Unicorn. A text link to a motorcycle dealer would work perfectly, as the visitors to that page are people who are potential buyers. What do you get? Targeted traffic to your site.

Text links, and additional text: On many pages of our site, you would have noticed the Text ads (sometimes in the left column, sometimes in a rectangular box, sometimes at the top, below the masthead). Would you like to reserve the entire left column on a relevant page? Say, you are soliciting credit card customers. Maybe, reserving the entire left column in the Business Section pages for your offerings might work.

Banner ads in all its maddening varieties:  You know this already. Only, we are more flexible than you think in the sizes and shapes we are willing to put up with on our pages.

Section sponsorhip: Use banner ads, text ads or whatever. This, we have to sit across a table and discuss.

Advertorials: Why not? Sometimes, a page of search engine optimized text on DWS is worth more than setting up your own website. We will show you a few examples soon here.

For enquiries, contact editor AT dancewithshadows dot com. Do write in detail about your expectations and requirements. We are very chatty on email.

God save the Malayalee

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