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Dance With Shadows is a network of blogs. We cover a pretty wide spectrum of topics ranging from Business to Celebrity.

We are asked often - exactly what does your site stand for?

Our individual sites - the blogs - stand for specific, niche topics. The site is just a hub that brings it all together.

Our content is what obsesses us at the moment. It could be cars, aviation and aircraft, a Miss Universe pageant, a sports event, or even political commentary.

Who writes for DWS?

A bunch of people. For some, DWS is a refuge. They wanted to change the world with their pen, and ended up banging out subheadlines on their keyboards to headlines decided by ignoramuses. Disgruntled journalists, you could say.

Then there are the beginners, honing their writing and web pubishing skills. The aspiring journalists, bloggers, or just people stuck in a 9-5 job who want to write.

What do they get out of it?

Sometimes nothing. Some blogs / sections do not generate much traffic, do not make much money, and they get nothing other than the satisfaction of writing.

Some sections in DWS generate substantial traffic, and generate good money. Nothing that you can live on; so we have some revenue sharing schemes for them.

Are we worth writing for? God only knows. 20,000 readers everyday, and still nobody may read your stuff. 

But sure, if you feel like writing, feel free to bury us under a barrage of email. If it doesn't get deleted during our patented spam-mail removal technique (Select All + Delete) we may see it and reply to you, usually with a mail telling you that we don't pay anyone, and how dare you write to us.

Don't believe that mail, though. We pay sometimes, when someone is more kicked than we are about this site and mail us upwards of a few dozen articles, we sit down and discuss what to do with them. Like, perhaps, the situation warrants violence. Maybe. But we are hardly brave. But when we get gun-licenses, we would search you out and shoot you from a distance. We are very good at anything cowardly.

If you are a true anti-social nut, you would be willing to write without getting a paisa. Ah, now we are talking. Don't we all feel brotherly and warm now?

Hope you get the idea. We pay, sometimes, those who never expect a payment. So if you have something you feel strongly about writing, mail us on  




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