The 2004 Lok Sabha General Elections India

6th March 2004 

The latest Outlook magazine (out on stands on 6th March) predicts an easy win for the BJP and its allies in NDA. According to the Outlook MDRA poll, The NDA is easily going to win 290 seats (=/-10) and the Congress will end up with 159-169 seats in the coming Lok Sabha elections.

Of course, if Outlook's past polls are any indication, the Congress will romp home in the general elections with a thumping majority! That was what happened the last time Outlook predicted the results of the Gujarat elections and the recent assembly elections. Except that this time, Outlook seems to be following conventional wisdom.

Status updates on the 2004 general elections

Who is joining which party?

Yukta Mookhey, Maushumi Chatterjee and Celina Jaitley joins the congress. Govinda may contest for Congress, but no details on that yet.

BJP has inducted Suresh Oberoi (someone told me he was inducted earlier too!), Bangarappa and inducted and evicted D P Yadav in the face of harsh public criticism.

How these political newbies are going to help the BJP or NDA in the 2004 general elections is unclear, but in the countdown to voting, they help BJP hog media space. The poor guys in Congress had nobody joining them till 5th March when suddenly they had three at one shot. Of course, that's not the way to induct anyone - one a day would have ensured more column space in the newspapers.

Advani launches an election Yatra

No butchering in the wake of this new yatra is expected, unlike during this infamous rath yatra to Ayodhya. Talk is that the yatra is aimed at establishing Advanbi's importance for the party, in the face of the awesome branding of Vajpayee as Nehru ver.2.0 that is going on. Not only is he Nehru 2.0, he is also Indira Gandhi 2.0, Warren Buffet and possibly, Jesus Christ in the BJP's scheme of things. One relief is that at least, ostensibly, this is talked about as a general election on the plank of economic performance. So what if Muslim boys are arrested for going on a date with Hindu girls in Madhya Pradesh? Look at the bright, shining side, idiot.

Rao: The resurrection

After his acquittal in all corruption and bribery cases, PV Narasimha Rao could be 'inducted' back into Sonia's Congress much before the Lok Sabha elections with much fanfare. Of course, this entirely depends on how confortable Sonia feels about the potential threat he can pose to her in the post election Lok Sabha. In the off-chance that Congress manages a reasonable number of seats, some of the wafflers of the pre-election days may decide to join hands with the Congress if Rao will the Congress candidate for prime minister. Knowing Sonia, we know that if that happens, it will be the full consent of Sonia and solemn promises exchanged in terms of how far Rao will go in establishing himself. If nothing, Congress will have a more acceptable public face. Within Congress, of course, many may grumble. We do not have much relief either way - Rao is more of a bore than Sonia.

We will be updating this page with more information on the 2004 Indian general elections.






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